Faylee Kurds and execution of tyrants

Hopes of mothers of victims of the Faylee Kurds will not be in vain. And the blood of their sons and their victims martyrs and the immortal brothers will not be in vain. A day rejoices by our mothers and sisters as rejoices our victims and all people died because of the bloody repression of Saddam in Iraq. Joy will spread to everyone in this blessed day. Because the execution of tyrant Saddam was in the same place, which thousands of young Faylee Kurds people had been killed and murdered.

Youth Faylee executed in the basement of the Military Intelligence, which was led by hardened criminals and murderers at the time. Joy will be completed, especially for the Faylee Kurds and Iraqis in general to execute the rest of the criminals brought to justice after the fair trial. Joy will be completed all the families and the families of all the martyrs who fell honorable result of these tyrants ruthless criminals.

Dear Faylee Kurds cheer with all the oppressed of our people of Iraq. Arrogant dictator ended in this era and the largest criminal tarnished his hands and the hands of his aides' honorable blood of our people. Cut the neck in the guillotine penalty, Faylee Kurds are the first victims. But God has hopes that the execution of a tyrant feebleminded and the execution of the insane ideology all his aides and supporters of the Baathists.

All the forces in favor of the former regime have been collapsed today, which was silent on the execution of our young people. Experienced companies and the Governments of the countries and peoples of much assistance were provided to Saddam's regime. Those companies were lived on erosion-gotten money. Money stolen by the tyrant of the food and people are hungry. All the masks fell because it covered faces black and funny and tumbled capital full of distorted thinking. All fell on the fall of the tyrant in the death cell hanged to death in Baghdad.

Faylee Kurds looks forward to the coming days by telling of the execution of the offender Barzan Tikriti, Ali Hassan al-Majid, Tariq Aziz and Taha Aljazarawi. All were chorus of criminals who were the reason for expelling the Faylee Kurds and the expulsion of the drugging of our youth, the offender profile Barzan Takriti tortured young person in the intelligence cells. Barzan Takriti sent our children to the prisons Fudhayliyah, Noqrat al- Salman and Abu Ghraib prison. Orders were issued directly from him. No places in the prisons remain at the deployed in the cellars intelligence because of the many prisoners of young Faylee Kurds.

The fall of the Baathist rule in Iraq is the beginning of the establishment of a democratic federal system of government working to develop a new foundation for a true representation of the people in all sections of ethnic, racial and religious groups.

The defect and serious error began when the Iraqi government worked nearly forty years ago. Workers in this government are the elements of blood and sectarianism and populism is rescinded. They have ethnic Arab backward.

The Iraqi government launched its war on the Iraqi people and accused on charges of communicating strange. For example, they are communities of foreign countries such as the community belongs to Iran or to Pakistan or Afghanistan. Although the roots of their presence in Iraq due to the very long periods of time in history.

Also, the Iraqi government used the accusations to fight many groups and national components of the Iraqi people. The most important of these components is the Faylee Kurds. Baathists Sadamion losers today tried playing the same tune pretext that the Iraqis are Safawion. But the ropes guillotine will be waiting for them after their necks because of the work they have done a very big crimes against the Iraqi people and the genocide of human beings.

The Faylee Kurds are the first to suffer from the injustice of this criminal group. The work of the repressive campaigns and sent to outside the borders of Iraq Faylee and seized the property and the imprisonment of their children and their men. The youth were introduced within huge basins contain chemicals within the military intelligence.

Supervised the presidency of the Intelligence Center, a director criminal high military rank, where he was responsible for the file of the Iranians. The offender director, we do not want to mention his name so as not to give much more than he deserve. Because of that famous work of crime he was involved with. This director is very well known offender to the Iraqis and working today with regret as an adviser in the presidency office. We are waiting the day they are submitted to the district just because of the shameful crimes acts.

There were in the Directorate mincing machine used for human's honorable people. There guillotine execution of the Directorate to hang people. There are yards of exercise on the firing of live rounds firearms, exercised working in the Directorate of shooting and killing people collectively. It exercised by members of the Baath Party and the team members and members of the Baath Party leaders on the mass executions and how to kill people in an atrocious way.

We would like to remind all those new and old who govern Iraq. Any neglect of the human rights of the Faylee Kurds would lead to an increase in the coming years. Any failure in restitution to the owners will make you partners in the crime against them, that the patience of our mothers is stronger than all of the provisions of the world, no matter how long the time. The lack of despair oppressed and perseverance in the struggle is bringing tyrants and bandits to what arrived today from the bad case. The faces of the rulers become dirty and black in the world before Judgment Day. These rulers vomited what they had eaten from the capital's land.

Every person who stole money and houses belong to Faylee Kurds. We remind them that these funds and these houses would be illegal. The robbers should refer such stolen property to its rightful owners.
The funds of orphans and widows in the secretariats are your responsibility and you must return them as a debt.

If you deny robberies that took place on the Faylee Kurds will not have mercy on you one on earth or in heaven. After all your elements of worship will be destroyed and will be inaccurate. Perhaps the prayers you practice and Al Zakat will be to no avail. The pilgrimage will not accept from you. The reason is that the pocketbooks were money stolen from innocent people.

The law would not protect the criminal people that wear black turbans or white turbans. Gotten money is beyond the right-thinking mind. Maybe you will not live to the black and slapped. The entire world will not defend you from the punishment of life and the afterlife if you partners in the crime of assault against the oppressed Faylee Kurds.

The fate of tyrant Saddam Hussein and put the noose around his neck is eloquent proof that injustice will never last. Pointing out that any Governors will fall and be trampled under foot by the oppressed. No matter how high their guns become oppressors in the days of their rule. The current rulers must learn a lesson and advice, which happened to Saddam Hussein and his aides.

Any current governors to put right the injustice happened to the Faylee Kurds before their eyes when govern Iraq. They must redress the oppressed of the Faylee Kurds and also fairness all the oppressed in Iraq.

Remind all tyrants, criminals and murderers and thieves who stole the people's money and property of the Faylee Kurds. We ask them to remember tyrant Saddam and his aides. What happened to them and where they finished? Did quoted treasures of land seized from the gallows wrapped ropes? Will quoted from the rule of God and the rule of the people?

I would like to remind all the honorable mention that showed mercy to the suffering of the Faylee Kurds and finish sufferings. I ask them to return the stolen money to the Faylee Kurds due to their usurped rights and looted. Their dignity should be returned back to them. Remind everyone that not to forget the look of prayer and the oppressed people. Their voices echo of the devastating and very strong shouts.

Lastly, I would remind all Arab and Kurds, leaders and commanders, to put the disaster of the Faylee Kurds in front of their eyes and have priority in all your plans. The Faylee Kurds were the first to be signed by injustice. The long awaited and hoped weakness. Time did not have mercy their elderly people. Do not hold too in the elements and do not forget their tragedy and remember that the pain of their women do not bear more injustice.

Dhia Soramli
2007, February 8