To Mr Paul Bremer head of Civil Administration in Iraq

Dear Mr Bremer

We members of Fylee Kurds General Council, and for all Faylee Kurds a round the world would like to thank you personally and thank all those who are involved in the civil administration of Iraq for all your efforts and measures for bringing back security and stability to our beloved country Iraq, and for helping Iraqis specially after the fall of Saddam’s regime at the hands of coalition forces.

We are fully aware of the difficulties and the great tasks you facing during such a process, as the legacy of enormous mess left behind by the despotic regime is indeed of great magnitude, this is in itself requires a lot of work and attention even in peaceful time, let alone if it were to be done while heinous attempts and crimes committed by remnant of Bath Party and Arab mercenaries who are trying to terrorise the population and to hamper all your efforts to bring about sense of security and normal daily life for Iraqis. We are certain that their attempts will not result in any thing but their failure and soon their demise.

Dear Mr Bremer

No doubt that you know what has the Faylee Kurds suffered at the hand of the Bathist and their lackeys since 1963 and until their down fall on 9th April 2003, but allow us and briefly to mention some of suffering of Faylee Kurds:

- In 1963 the regime stripped Faylee Kurds off their Iraqi nationality and forcibly deported them to Iran. This was in a clear contrast to the law and regulations that they themselves issued or indorsed earlier. Many Faylee Kurds families were victims of this racist policy.

- After their return to power in 1968 again, this policy was practiced again and peaked at 1970, after signing 11 of March agreement with Kurdish leadership in Iraqi Kurdistan in the north. Then a total of 70,000 people were deported after forcing them to quit their business and properties or sell them hurriedly for almost nothing.

- After becoming the supreme ruler, and along with his usual oppressive polices towards all those who are not on his side, be it for political affiliation or being of different race or sect, Saddam committed yet another criminal act on the largest scale this time: For the reasons, that Faylee Kurds in general, were affiliated to Kurdish or other patriotic movements rather than to Bath Party. Also Faylee Kurds were among the top business brass, and were of very noticeable economical weight or influence. They were hard working, skilled; at that stage over a third of the member of Baghdad Chamber of commerce were Faylee Kurds. This in conjunction with the fact that they were well and highly educated made them of envy of others.

All of above made the regime to embark on the biggest barbaric act of it’s rule; As from April 1980, a massive campaign of rounding up hundreds of thousands of Faylee Kurds started in the capital Baghdad and in many cities to the east and south east of Iraq for no crime that they committed. During this process the authorities confiscated all of our business and properties and fixed and non- fixed assets, bank accounts, cash money and any valuable. And topped that by stripping us from all Iraqi documentations (so in the future- like now days we can not contest the ownership and liability, with those who took over our properties, as indeed we see these days as on many occasions the occupier(s) refuse to evacuate the properties for they claim ownership). And then forcibly deported us to Iran, with only our bedtime clothes on, no money, no water, no food.
As if all that did not satisfy his thirst for blood, Saddam ordered the detaining of over 10,000 young Faylee Kurds, some of who were women and indeed babies and infants at the time. This heinous crime was carried out over years during the eighties, over 500,000 Iraqis were deported, and some 350,000 of them were Faylee Kurds.
Now that most of dust has settled down, and from documents obtained from Saddam’s security centres after the 9th of April, the sad reality emerges that none of those detained have survived. They were all were murdered one way or another. This amounts to nothing but genocide.

Dear Mr Bremer
All above is just part of what we the Faylee Kurds gone through. We are confident that you will appreciate that the Faylee Kurds immediate needs and demands that we outline some below in this letter, stressing at the same time that we will provide you with more details in the future.
- To cancel all those regulation and laws introduced with regard to our situtation during Saddam’s reign and declare them as void.
- To introduce well constructed laws and legal measures into the future Iraqi Constitution to prevent repetition of what has happened to us, and to guarantee rights of all races and minorities and individuals, and to introduce law and regulation to bring to account all those responsible for all those crimes.
- As those crimes of deportation and associated crimes, and as the victims still affected by them inside and outside Iraq. We think that forming a body or a committee to bring the issue of reintegrating them back into their country, to give them back all their rights, to give them back all their documentations, to give them back all their fixed and none-fixed assets, properties, ..etc and to compensate them for all their material and non-material losses during these years.
- As it is been clear that all of detainees after deporting their families were executed, documents found point to this effect, without finding their bodies. We feel it is necessary that a body or committee (of Iraqi, International, and representative of victims families) to be set up to investigate into these crimes, to point out those responsible and those who carried out those atrocities, and to compensate them for all their material and nonmaterial losses.
We would like to inform you that our council, in preparation to this started among Faylee Kurds families to document their losses and claims with the help of a legal adviser. We will be happy to pass them over to you. As we mentioned all this, we would like to say that we in The Faylee Kurds General Council would be happy to join you in the effort to bring about stability and security to Iraq. We have embarked on preparing lists of academics and professional Faylee Kurds to help with the reconstruction of future Iraq.
Faylee Kurds population is of considerable size in Iraq be it in Baghdad or other cities outside it, and we form an integral part of the Iraqi society, but we are still hardly been represented in so called the 35 committee, along with other ethnic groups. Back in December 2002, during London conference, some Faylee Kurds met the US envoy Mr Khalil Zadeh, he promise that we will be included in future expansion of representatives, we hear from news that all sectors of Iraqis; Shias, Sunnies, Arabs, Kurds from Iraqi Kurdistan, Asyirains, Turkumen, Iraqi Tribes, and others, except Faylee Kurds. Our population is far more than many of these mentioned groups!.

Without exaggeration the Faylee Kurds community is the most oppressed sector at the hand of Saddam, we lost thousands of our men, women and children, lost our rights of normal life, many thousands of families live in poverty in exile, we can not claim back our business and properties, worse still they are still at the hand of ex-Bathist, and Saddam security families, indeed they still consider themselves as legal owners !!, needless to say just could only be complete when these matters are addressed. We trust in your judgement on these matters and to bring some balance back into it.
Having said all that we feel we can contribute very positively in the future of Iraq.

Finally we would like to thank you again for helping us Iraqis to make Iraq a safer place for Iraqis and get rid of all those Bathists and Pro-Bathists elements, and to put Iraq on the right track of recovery and to be among civil states.

Faylee Kurds General Council
19/ June/ 2003