Removing this historical injustice become an obsession Worries Faylee Kurd

Nadheerah Ismail Kareem

The history of Kurd Nation goes back to more than 5 thousands years, they have been lived on their territory Kurdistan since those old times; it is a wide geographical region includes North and East of Iraq , West of Iran , South of Turkey and Boroughs in Russia and Syria ; a great numbers of them immigrated to United State of America , European and Middle Eastern 's countries , Australia and other countries during the few last decades , it is a reality , that have been approved by historical firms.

The different Kurdish Tribes are distributed on Kurdistan Land, some of them lives in the mountains, others on the mountains’ foots or on its wide plains. So , every group of them have been affected by the languages , religions , or faiths of the kingdoms which attacked Kurdistan land and occupied it for a certain historical time , the people of the neighbor lands or the countries which they immigrated to . But, all of them believe in their nationality's belongings and that they are un separated part of Kurd Nation entity. The range of the injustices, oppressions and genocides processes which this nation have been subjected to historically are obvious for everybody. But, here, we want to summarize for you what concerns Kurdish in Iraq.

When the international's boundaries had been drawn, the strategy of the nationalized international states that established after First World War was decreasing the number of Kurd through reducing their lands and transferring its local citizens to a un important minority in those States. And the interest of Iraqi and Iranian States and others was at that time requires deriving out the Kurdish Lor especially the Faylee Kurd as well as another Kurdish Tribes from the entity of Kurdish nation through tracing back them to Arabic or Iranian descents *,

The political factor, reveals itself in the attempt of driving out Faylee Kurd from the Kurdish entity by a term mentioned in Edmonds Book who was one of the main staffs of British mandate over Iraq, occupied the post of an advisor of the Iraqi Interior ministry during the years ended by 1945 , where he said ( The Soltanic Road extended from Kerman shah to Kerand followed by the horizontal line ended by Mindely is nearly the final border between original Kurd lands and that of their relatives { Laek and Lor } considers from Kurd Nation ).
Among the goals of Miss. Bell and Edmonds's duty was reducing the existence of Faylee Kurd on Iraqi territory , and refusing their belonging to the Kurdish Nationality in conformity with the British policy then , who deny that Lor Kurd are Iraqi , and deprived them from the new nationality ID of the new created State and consider them Iranian Citizens immigrated to Iraq because of the Tribe's bonds and family relationships between them and the other Kurd who live on the Kurdistan land in Iran , that is , Loristan and Eastern Bakhetyari in order to reduce the importance of the Kurdish existence in the new country ( Iraq ) .

This division or the effort to distinguish Faylee Kurd from their Nation has been started since 1639 in the South during the signing of the first boundary's convention between Outman Government and Safawi Government. LUZON TREATY had been signed on 1923 instead of the dead SAFER CONVENTION between the Allies and the new Turkish regime that solved the subject of Iraqi and Turkish Nationalities ID in it; the Outman citizen could then choose the ID which he prefers Iraqi or Turkish, but the treaty ignored completely resolving the Faylee Kurd ID's case who were distributing in all parts of the new state, and from the first convention concluded between the two neighbor Empires had been subjected to changing their national IDs according to the changes of the boundaries during the concluding of different conventions that ended by convention of boundary's drawing in 1913 which was the year preceding the Fist World War.

The Law of Iraqi Nationality ID issued in 1924, according to LOZAN TREATY and depending on it. The new Iraqi Governors were acknowledged completely with the strange conditions which let a great number of Iraqi Faylee Kurd to refuse the Outman ID, that problem which has been transferred to a tragedy for hundred thousands of their grandchildren. Through four decades before the First World War Outman State was in need always to soldiers for its several wars in Balkan , Quakes , Tripoli or North of Iran , for that , it issued the law of military lot, then the system of Outman enlistment , so, the enlisted Iraqi who was included by the lot was as a one who is convicted by execution , thus , some of them disabled themselves to be pardoned from the Outman enlistment; but , others discovered an easier way , which was buying the Iranian IDs from the Iranian Consulates in Baghdad , Al-Basra and the Holy Shiat religious regions , thus , the Iranian subordination ID or deleting the name from the Outman Nationality's Record in a bad time was the only way for escaping from a certain death . Faylee Kurd weren't the only people who turn to this escaping mean but many Arab take share in this way also, who left after them a great numbers of descendants who had been affected with the damn of the Outman Army to be the victims of Baath exiles in the beginning of seventeenths and eighteenths decades of the previous century and later on until the freedom of Iraq.

So, some of the colonial forces then, tried to distinguish the Kurd in the Middle and Southern regions of Iraq, especially the Capital Baghdad and most of them were Faylee Kurd by a especial type of injustice let the despotic governments that had been governed Iraq since the establishment of Iraqi State until the overthrown of the past regime to have special policy against them, and considered them second class citizens. Baath party pressed its abusive practices against this section of Kurd Nation in Iraq since its establishment and along 35 years , it subjected them to two great plots of displacing forcibly to Iran, deprived them from their National identity and confiscated their moveable and un moveable properties , in jailed their sons and girls and then executed them after disappearing them . The first and last goal was eradicating Kurd Nation, displacing them and changing their resident's regions into Arabic ones.

After the fallen of the previous regime the Kurd Nation considered it a good omen, among them Kurd of Middle and Southern parts of Iraq, of course, the Capital Baghdad also; but, it has been noticed the appearance of a new phenomenon, rarely, was taken the attention of anybody before; unless, the starting of displacing Faylee Kurd forcibly to Iran, that is when somebody asks these Kurd what is your nationality they answer, we are Faylee Kurd. In addition to this, when they establish NGO's institutions and organizations of Civil Society in Iraq, they add the clause (Faylee Kurd) to their names; these names let some people to think that there is a mean in that for distinguishing them from other Kurd. But, in reality , we think that this phenomenon is a result of the current conditions of Iraq , where , the security situation and the problems which face the Federal Democratic Regime of the new Iraq have been a hinder in the way of removing radically and quickly the damages which this section of Kurd Nation had exposed to , who had been called Iranian subordination falsely; in other word, these names are not based on distinguishing these people themselves from their nation in due to their religion sect or their accent , as, there is no religious extremity among Kurd Nation , and they are like any other nations around the world in plurality of their accents , religions and sects , but the subject is, this people insist on reminding the Iraqi government , the government of Kurdistan District and the Iraqi House of Representatives especially the Kurd Representatives of the necessity of solving their problems and removing the historical injustices which had been done against them which become an obsession worries them . Everybody sees that they call for their legal rights through peaceful means not terrors and violence like other groups who are far away from the Iraqi Nation's hopes and struggles for overthrown the Fascist Baath party and fixing the Federal Democratic Regime. Among their legal demands is that, the Supreme Especial Penal Court has to decide and quickly about the case of displacing Faylee Kurd forcibly and its results, which they subjected to by the previous regime.

In your opinion, what these people can do? Don't they have the right to be worried from the delay of putting forth the case of displacing them forcibly and the genocide which they subjected to through killing tens thousands of their sons and daughters in the mentioned court to judge and punish who was responsible of this First Anfal process which carried out against them; and to worry from be a subject to a similar processes in the future, even the far away future, especially there is no serious, strong and quick efforts to solve their problems; Faylee Kurd can't deny their belonging to their Kurd Nation or their National belonging to Iraq , but they want to demand their legal rights through peaceful means based on constructive dialogue , tolerance and the democratic concepts not terror or violence . of course , since their cases and problems have not been solved yet , they have to insist on reminding everybody that Faylee Kurd want the Iraqi Government to take care of their problems and solve them .

Nadheerah Ismail Kareem
14 Aug 2008

* Askander Aman Allahi ( lour nations , p.8 )