Regulations No. 1 of 1980

Date of entry into force: 1980

Issued by the Revolutionary Command Council

In accordance with the resolution No. 180 of 1980

In accordance with Article No. 9 of the Revolutionary Command Council's Resolution No. 180 of 3-2-1980.

We promulgate the following regulations:

1. Every person who applies to be naturalized with the Iraqi Nationality must attend before the Director of Nationality or the Nationality Officer to fill the application form No. 3 annexing to the regulations No. 1 of 1965 issued according to the law of Iraqi Nationality No. 43 of 1963 (as amended). And after performing the due inquisition and making sure of the availability of the legal conditions، the application shall be sent to the Ministry of Interior for consideration.

2. The Director of Nationality shall send to the Ministry of Interior، the Naturalization Certificate filled according to pattern No. 4 annexing to the Regulations mentioned in para 1 of these Regulations which concern persons in whom are available the conditions of the Articles (1، 2، 3، 4) of the Revolutionary Command Council's Resolution No. 180 of 3-2-1980; together with the naturalization file. And in case of granting the agreement for naturalization. the Minister of Interior shall sign the Naturalization Certificate.

3. The Directorate of Nationality shall mark down on the Naturalization Certificate the number and date of the decision of the Minister of Interior.

4. The phrase (Resolution of the Revolutionary Command Council No. 180 of 3-2-1980) shall replace the phrase (The law of Iraqi Nationality) in the Form No. 1 and pattern No. 4 mentioned in paras (1، 2) of these Regulations، according to the provisions of the said Resolution of the Revolutionary Command Council.

5. A. In case of granting the agreement for naturalization، the Director of Nationality shall register the Naturalization Certificate and call for the applicant to attend before him in order to take the oath stipulated in the Regulations of Nationality. The Director must testify that the oath has been taken and signed by the applicant in his presence.

B. It should be mentioned in the (call for attendance before the Director of Nationality)، that the applicant has been summoned to take the oath of loyalty for the Republic of Iraq، before being granted the naturalization certificate.

C. The applicant of naturalization must attend before the Director of Nationality through one month from the date of calling him for taking the oath. The naturalization certificate shall not be delivered unless its applicant has taken the oath، signed on it، and paid the due legal duty. A person is deemed to be an Iraqi national from the date of taking the oath.

D. If the applicant of naturalization did not attend through the period stated in para B of this Article، the case shall be brought before the Minister of Interior، who shall decide whether to abrogate the naturalization certificate or agree to provide the applicant with it; that depends on the circumstances of the case.

These regulations shall be published in the Official Gazette، and come into force from the date of the publication.

The Minister of Interior

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