Resolution No. 413 of 15.04.1975

Date of entry into force: 1974

In accordance with the provisions of para (a) of Article 42 of the Interim Constitution،

The Revolutionary Command Council have decided in their session held on 15.04.1975 following:

1. It shall be impermissible for courts to hear cases regarding the application of the Iraqi nationality Law. This provision includes also the cases which have not yet acquired the final stage of litigation.

2. In compliance with the intention to apply the provisions of Article 9 (as amended) of the Iraqi nationality Law No. 43 of 1963 (as amended)، it shall be permissible to object to the President of the Republic against the Minister of Interior's decision regarding the application of the provisions of this Law. The president's decision then shall be exclusive.

3. The Minister of Interior and Minister of Justice shall be charged with the execution of this Resolution.

Ahmed Hasan Al Bakir
Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council

The original text in Arabic