Resolution No. 511 of 1987

Date of entry into force: 30 September 1987

In accordance with the provisions of para (a) of Article 42 of the constitution،

The Revolutionary Command Council have decided، in their session held on 19.07.1987، the following:

1. An Iraqi-naturalized Arab national may be covered by compulsory or reserve military service، if he expresses his desire، in writing، to this effect.

2. An Iraqi-naturalized foreigner shall be subject to compulsory and reserve military service. The provisions of this pare shall include every foreigner who has acquired the Iraqi nationality before the enforcement of this resolution like Iraqis of same birth.

3. The Revolutionary Command Council Resolution No. (661) dated 06.05.1980 shall be repealed.

4. This resolution shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Saddam Hussein
Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council.

The original text in Arabic