The International Conference for Faylee Kurds

--The Cry of the Oppressed --
Held on 2nd February, 2008 until 8th February, 2008
Under the slogan: No lost rights behind demands

The Closing Statement

The Faylee Kurds are ethnic groups of ancient peoples of the Middle East, who are part of the Kurdish people. They lived in the land of Kurdistan, which was divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.

The Faylee Kurds who lived in an area called the Elam, This area is between western Iran and eastern Iraq, which includes the plateau Loristan. Loristan was one of the first place who had known civilization, this civilization is known Al Elamia one of the mothers of the Sumerian civilization.

The Faylee Kurds contributed to the modern era in the formation of civilizations. They were the builders of Baghdad, where the traders of the Faylee Kurds were distinguished.

The Faylee Kurds faced harsh suppression campaigns and frightening at the time of the rule of Saddam Hussein regime. The families and civilian citizens were deported by force from Iraq. Large numbers of them had been deported in the early eighties to Iran. Most of the families had been looted. Their money and property had been confiscated their papers and personal identities had been taken from them; the Iraqi government had ceased thousands of youth and then killed them without trial. These young people are still unaccounted and no one knew about their death till now. Their deaths become a secret.

The Faylee Kurds are demanding their rights to be return today, and struggling for the restoration of Iraqi identity and compensation for the damage had been done to them and to prosecute those who were responsible for the campaigns of genocide committed against them and the disclosure of the fate of their children who were killed and buried in anonymous graves.

Proceedings of the Conference:

In response to an invitation from the Website Sotaliraq (the voice of Iraq), which had been widely supported by group of Faylee Kurds inside and outside Iraq

Conference met for the Faylee Kurds with the name of "The Cry of the Oppressed", under the slogan: No lost rights behind demands.

Because of the difficulties of holding the conference in a country or in a specific place, it has been asked for the meetings through the Internet. The Conference started their functions at the Iraqi Parliament's chat room at the Paltalk system on 2 / 2 / 2008 and lasted for six days until 8 / 2 / 2008.
The conference was opened on Saturday, the second of February, 2008 at 8:00 p.m. Central Time of Europe.

The congress started with a minute of silence and read Al Fateha (the opening) a verse from Holy Qur'an on the lives of the Faylee Kurds innocent martyrs and all the martyrs of Iraq.

After the national Kurdish anthem Aey Raqeeb finished playing. It was announced the launching of the conference procedures,

Mr. Anwar Abdul Rahman, director of the Sotaliraq web site (Voice of Iraq) detailed the explanations on the reasons for launching the cry of the oppressed conference and the need to unite the efforts among the Faylee Kurds.

The Faylee Kurds need a united organisation for them to take the responsibility of representing themselves in the national and international forums, and to end the fragmentation and multiple organizations that operate randomly, which Resulting in wasted opportunities to obtain the legitimate rights to the Faylee Kurds.

Mr. Abdul Rahman turned in his speech also to the negligence of the Iraqi government to issue of Faylee Kurds and how the Iraqi government dumped them on the shelves of forgotten.

Mr. Abdul Rahman advised the demands and the rights of Faylee Kurds to be represented in the Iraqi parliament and the parliament of the Iraqi Kurdistan region and the necessity of their participation in the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in just and reasonable proportion.

The conference witnessed extensive deliberations over the week. It focused on the most prominent issues claimed by Faylee Kurds and the ways to address these issues.

Many of the Iraqi guests contributed in enriching discussions on the political realities of Iraq and the problems of dealing with the Iraqi key issues, including the issue of Iraqi Faylee Kurds.

Participated in and contributed to the debate of the Faylee Kurds men and women from various countries around the world, from the territory of Iraq and Kurdistan, Europe, America, Japan and other countries. It demonstrates the great interest in this conference and determination to get their work peaceful political and civilization.

The contributors asked the conference, including the following:

First: the formation of a democratic Faylee Kurds organization working to extract human Faylee Kurds and achieve their demands to be ancillary and support of other Iraqi Kurdish organizations.

We hope that the Kurdistan Regional Government to provide real support to the Faylee Kurds to achieve the hopes together, as Faylee Kurds work to achieve the hopes and goals of their people and sacrificed so much of money and lives to the Kurdish people in particular and the Iraqi people generally
We do not want the political opinions to be short-sighted. We do not want it to become like the beating together the wedge between the Faylee Kurds and the Kurdish people, sometimes because of the pretext of religious belief and another pretext of the elections, everyone knows that anyone who attempts to split the ranks together are our enemies. These enemies try to work on the abolition of our legitimate rights.

Second: the development of a permanent representation of the Faylee Kurds inside and outside Iraq, as a political platform, cultural, social and economic activity stems from Faylee Kurds to achieve its goals, and establishing a fund to support financial activities coming to rely on sons of the Faylee Kurds people to contribute and donate to the fund.

Third: The Conference requested of the Iraqi government to develop solutions to the urgent question of nationality certificate and Iraqi nationality and the right of citizenship of each kind of owned, as it robbed of Faylee Kurds unlawfully.

The Faylee Kurds are the owners of the historic home. Like all Iraqi people, and legislating special laws and thus the money and property to the Faylee Kurds must be returned, the looted funds must be returned to them. Disclosure of the fate of the thousands of martyrs who had become victims of Saddam's deposed regime. No one knows anything about them. Saddam Hussein's regime had buried Faylee Kurds youth in the Iraqi prisons.

Rehabilitation of the martyrs and the establishment of a symbolic statue to them, compensate the families of the martyrs who had suffered a lot for the past years.

Fourth: Return all the displaced people who are still living in camps in the Islamic Republic of Iran and to provide necessary assistance to them to return back to their motherland Iraq.

Return the identity papers back to all the Faylee Kurds and grant them the facilities to enable them to return to the same previous lives which will enable them to live in their homeland a new Iraq. Allocate good salaries and pensions for the elderly people.

Fifth: reconstruction of cities inhabited by the Faylee Kurds, which had suffered from the ravages and neglect such as Khanaqin, Mandali, Zorbatiyah and Badrah and others. Also to compensate the owners of orchards and land of the Faylee Kurds to enabled them to rebuild their towns and homes and rehabilitation of infrastructure and service to those cities.

Sixth: preserving the independence of the organization that will emerge from this conference, which will take upon itself the liaison with the Iraqi government institutions and to demonstrate a peaceful marches and demonstrations in front of Iraqi embassies, international organizations and to make notes of protest for actors to play their duty towards the Faylee Kurds.

Seventh: bring the attention to the media and try to establish a dedicated a Faylee Kurds web site and Faylee Kurds newspaper, approached the Iraqi and Kurdistan television channels to provide special programmes dealing with issues of the Faylee Kurds and their culture.

Eighth: Faylee Kurds should get fair representation in the Iraqi government institutions and the Council of Deputies and the allocation of a reasonable proportion of their government jobs and scholarships and fellowships in foreign universities to address the injustices which the Faylee Kurds have suffered over the past years.

Ninth: to bring to justice all those who were responsible for crimes committed against Faylee Kurds. Disclosure of the fate of their children and to expedite the trial of everyone who contributed to displacements and implement genocide war against them, which was the first exercise of the Anfal operations, conducted by the criminal Saddam's regime against the Faylee Kurds people.

Discussions have continued long and have a large number of loyal and dedicated to the restoration of the rights together. Because of the large number of proposals and interventions and constructive contributions, all the proposals and the work of the Conference will be issued later in a special supplement. This supplement will be accessible on the proposals and discussed at length.

As for the conference meeting received many greetings and messages of support and the support of the organizations and political figures, independent organization supported in solidarity with the rights of Faylee Kurds.

Al-Fayhaa Television Channel contributed thankfully, when preparing a special programme on the issue of Faylee Kurds. It quoted the views of the participants in the conference through live broadcasting on the air and brought to the observers the conclusion of the conference discussions.

We would like to thank the Iraqi Television Channel AL Iraqia; in particular the famous media man Mr. Wajeah Abbas for submitting a live programme on the issue of the Faylee Kurds.

Many writers and journalists, researchers published a wide range of articles on the occasion of the conference. This research supports and stresses the need to restore the rights of the Faylee Kurds,

Thanks for all the sincere feelings towards our Kurdish people and Faylee Kurds segment.

At the conclusion of this statement, we would like to thank the Chamber of the Iraqi Parliament Chat Room and Sotaliraq Web site (Voice of Iraq) for their continuing efforts to the success of the conference.

Dhia Soramli
2008, February 15